How to remove dark spots on skin

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     People should know that this type of benign dark spots on the skin is also called melasma or melanoderma. These pigmentations are of several types:

  • Moles of genetic origin.
  • People with blond or red hair suffer from freckles
  • Lentigos. These occur due to solar action, only in people prone to it.
  • Civatte poikiloderma, whose appearance is similar to allergic rashes or significant lesions caused by external agents. They require proper medical treatment.
  • And last but not least, keratosis spots, with a rough touch and raised above the normal level of the epidermis.

     People need to know that removing these dark spots on the skin is very difficult, as most cases require medical and cosmetic treatment tailored to each case. If you want to remove dark spots on the skin, you should consider the following:

  • If you are exposed to too much sun, protect yourself with specific sunscreens and creams.
  • Be very careful when buying miraculous products that promise spectacular results in a short time. They simply do not work or may pose a health hazard.
  • Even though many cosmetic creams available on the market promise to completely remove dark spots on the face, it will be quite difficult for them to completely remove it.
  • Chemical peels performed by cosmetic clinics can have adverse and unwanted side effects. In addition, you should do the treatment in winter and have scrupulous hygiene and care in the sun.
  • The most aggressive treatments, such as lasers, first leave a lesion that then disappears. We must be careful that this lightning wound does not become infected or evolve incorrectly. Of course, you should put yourself in skilled and honest hands, as these types of interventions are usually expensive.