Escozul against cancer

The scotch comes from the Cuban blue scorpion and is a toxin of natural origin. Its role is to fight cancer.

Since the 1990s, biologist Misael Bordier, together with his team, has been applying the poison of a blue scorpion (scotch), Rophalurus junceus, endemic to Cuba, in the fight against cancer.

With the help of an electrical stimulus, the venom of the Scottish scorpion is obtained without killing it. After this venom was obtained, it was combined with distilled water until a suitable dilution was obtained for each patient. The product can be ingested or applied topically as appropriate.

Misael Bordier, who registered the patent with the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment in 1995, gave assurances that the preparation encapsulates the tumor and ends up eliminating it, and that its side effects from overdose are minimal.

With its help, the results are much more positive in patients who have not previously undergone chemotherapy or surgery.

The diluted toxin acts as a protease inhibitor which is an enzyme that surrounds cancer cells as a kind of membrane. It has, according to its researchers, an immunomodulatory effect, raising the body’s defenses. This has led to continued research with HIV-positive patients.

In Cuba, many people have resorted to this treatment, and researchers have been very careful what active ingredient works and to be able to synthesize it through genetic engineering or biotechnology to be able to manufacture it on a large scale as there is not enough scotch poison to cover demand.

This part of the research would involve researchers from the Faculty of Medical Sciences in the eastern Cuban province of Guantánamo in collaboration with the Institute of Biotechnology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Those who discovered this remedy say that their desire is for people to heal without consuming a lot of money. This is a natural remedy. Today, this remedy is delivered free of charge to health institutions and large Cuban laboratories.

The authors state that they are not talking about an absolute remedy for cancer, but that this scorpion remedy improves the quality of life for the vast majority of patients who have taken it. The Cuban health authorities are hopeful about the results but are still cautious until all relevant studies are completed.